Sunday, September 11, 2011

Welcome to Costa!

Well, well, well... Here we are already on Day 5 of the trip. I say already on Day 5 as if time is flying by, but in reality, it feels as if I've been here for a lifetime. To cut it all short and leave everything out, I'm having a blast. Let's just say that the 4hr bus ride contained hardcore napping, singing (more like belting) the classics like Don't Stop Believin' and Bohemian Rhapsody, potty breaks, and general get to know you sessions. The drive was gorgeous and unlike anything I've ever seen in person before--the scenery was breathtaking. We're literally in the rainforest here.

So, a brief overview of what we've been doing here:

We've been having beginner seminars about how to interact with each other and what the most important things to us as a group are. We came up with TRICL or the trickle effect. It stands for Trust, Respect, Inclusion, Compassion, and Love. Each one supports and promotes the other and its how we are going to try to treat each other for the next year. So, thats pretty cool.

Already, I've gone surfing, swimming in a waterfall, and taken a community tour. Tomorrow we're hitting up zip-lining. There's no doubt about it ladies and gentlemen, TBB (Thinking Beyond Borders) spoils us and we are so lucky and blessed to be here. Although I was greeted with an army of ants on my bed just anxiously awaiting my arrival, I've got it pretty good.

Here is a list of the sweet little critters we've encountered thus far:
First and foremost, the one and only Zelda Jafarr. He is a bat that has terrorized the ladies. He decided to move on in to their room, make himself comfortable by pooping on the pillows, and frighten them with his swift movements. I think he just wants somebody to love.. poor fella.
Second, the shrieking howler monkey. He was a big sir just in need of some food. He was on the way to the waterfall and let us know he was there by howlin'.
Third, the MASSIVE frog outside the room. I've never seen a frog quite like this. It was huge and looked like a toy. I wanted to play with it but I was told that human oil on the skin hurts the frog... Who knew? Definitely not this guy right here.
I think thats it right now. Definitely not in ATL anymore.

Speaking of Atlanta, I realized that I have a lot of Southern pride for what its worth. I guess being with all these "yankees" has made me really love where I come from. No, no, they aren't those damn yankees y'all are thinking about. Everyone is so nice and incredible. I just realized that I am so glad that I have a hankerin' for that good ol' sweet tea and country music. I'm listening to it right now and I feel right at home. So, God bless the south. It's a great place and I am forever grateful to have grown up in the one and only HOTlanta.


  1. God bless the USA, for sure, with a little extra for us Southerners, His true favorites.... haha jkjkjk. (which means, as you know, i am dead serious...) The animals sound like NICA! Glad you are prepared. Keep up the updates, we love them. Enjoy ziplining today!!

  2. Lucky! So are you trying to say that while we are here slaving away on our studies and being tortured by all the are in a foreign country swimming in waterfalls and making friends with bats? So not fair. I hate you Ben! I knew there was a reason why I did. All these years I've been trying to figure it out..your one flaw and I think I finally have. You have way too much fun in life. hehehe Have fun...or the time of your life Benji! P.S. Being "southern" for me that is might be one of the greatest things.

  3. I expect a very LONG update about Ecuador/Peru when you get to a place with technology again ;o)

  4. Hola! I concur - an update of satisfactory length must be posted soon. You have no idea how much joy and enthusiasm such a post would produce in your many ardent admirers. ; ) Post away!